Networks, wired and wireless

Do you have a DSL or Cable modem and want to connect more than one computer to it? Are you tired of having to use your laptop at the desk where your DSL or Cable modem is located? Are you asking yourself, "It's a laptop computer, why can't I take it in the other room without having to drag this ugly network cable down the hall?" Well, you can!

Attention! Many are not aware that their wireless networks are wide open to passers-by, leaving all the information on their personal computers or flowing across their network unguarded. Also, their internet connection is available to hackers and spamers which could get you disconnected from the internet!

A router is a device that forwards data between computer networks. With a router you will have a network in your home, allowing your computers to share devices (such as a printer), data and your connection to the Internet, which is another computer network. A wireless router (also known by the name WiFi) is exactly the same as a normal router, except it doesn't use network cables. We can set up your wireless router and take advantage of the available security protocols, keeping your data and connection safe from preying eyes.