Computer Help

Why unhook your entire system and take it in for repairs?

Looking for a new computer, wondering which one to get?

Got your new system, don’t have a clue! Call me!

If you’re just getting started, needing to update, wanting to expand, delete, or just find yourself completely frustrated, we can work together to meet all your computer needs!

Frequently asked questions or problems that can have a simple and quick solution if you know who to call! (Taken from the actual quotes my wife has given for this site)
My screen is frozen!
What just happened? I don’t know what I pushed?
Where did my document go?
Did I just lose everything I have been working on for the last hour?
How do I save things, and be able to find them again?
How do I create folders for my projects?
Where did my inbox go? Something has changed…

Many things are basic and simple, if you know it…if you don’t, I can help you learn!

My Qualifications:

I have been in the Information Technology Sector since 1982. Employed by Digital Equipment Corporation for 14 of those years, my job involved installing, maintaining and repairing complex computer networking systems and providing high quality and professional customer service. I have continued working with businesses as well as private computer systems as an IT tech through the years.

No job is too small, no question too simple, if it causes you problems, I’m here to help.