Web Design

Our web site design team would be happy to help bring your company into the world of Internet communications. We are capable of designing a web site that meets your specific needs -- creating content and design that is informative yet concise.

When your web site is published, it will let others know that you exist and are easily accessible. Your web site will be filled with all the information your customers need to make an informed decision in the marketplace.

If you choose us to host your web site, you will have unlimited email addresses with your web site name. This will give you a look of professionalism simply not available from a generic email account such as hotmail, yahoo or your Internet Service Provider.

Web site design philosophy:

We utilize standards compliant XHTML and CSS to construct compelling, yet adaptable, designs. We will leverage these standards to create visually compelling web sites that are also as flexible, adaptable and as accessible as possible.

What do we mean, flexible, adaptable and accessible? Well, try it out. If you change the text size (go to View menu -> Text Size) you will notice that the graphics on our pages resize with the text. And our designs are accessible because we separate core content from the design. When someone visits the site with a device that cannot display the graphics, the content is still accessible. To see how this works click on change style to no style, then to return to this page click on change style to default.


The content of your site is vital in helping others know all that you have to offer. Our goal is not only to design an intriguing web site, but to present your content in the most informative, yet concise, way possible. By simply providing us with your facts, keywords and key phrases, we can assist you in creating and refining your content in a way that best reflects what your visitors need to know.

Jim Shore Design includes the following elements in our Standard Web Site Packages: